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What Happens at Apiary Summits

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 26, 2016 5:06:15 PM / by Aspen Lucas

Aspen Lucas

You might have noticed us getting excited over here at the Apiary Fund for our upcoming Apiary Summit. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what happens at Apiary Summits, then this is an article for you.


We’re serious about giving everybody an opportunity to learn how to trade, and that takes some hard work both on our part and the traders part. One of the best and strongest ways for us to make a connection with a trader is through our Apiary Summits, where Apiary Fund traders converge to talk, train, and trade with each other. Besides working along side with fellow traders, you’ll get to personally talk and interact with the head traders and instructors from the Apiary Fund.

Below are some specific events that traders can look forward to in upcoming summits:


1. Trade a $1,000 live trading account for the week.

Everyone who attends the summit receives a summit trading account of $1000 to trade. At the end of the week, they’ll get to keep 60% of the profits they’ve made over the past few days.

2. Live Interactive Trading.

We all gather and trade together throughout the week; there’s usually over six hours of interactive trading. What does interactive really entail? That means that people are sharing everything from ideas and thoughts, to trading set ups and signals.

3. New Trading Strategies

This is the perfect time for you to experiment with new and different trading strategies. Plus have the experts right there by your side to help you through the nitty gritty of your strategy.  As a bonus, you'll also be able to contribute and share strategies with each other...   Every summit we see fantastic strategies used in during the shark tank competition.  

4. Q & A Panel

If you’ve ever wanted to sit and interrogate Shawn, now is your chance ;) Joking aside, this really is your opportunity to ask our professional traders any questions you might have. Live by the words of Sir Francis Bacon, “Who questions much, shall learn much, and retain much.”

5. Shark Tank and Other Fun Competitions

If you’re following our blog, you probably know by now that the shark tank is one of our favorite competitions. It’s a fun, challenging, and has always made money!

Plus, you never know what sort of novelty Shawn will pull out for the summit.  There's always a surprise - like night trading on the beach in L.A., California or pool side in Florida!

We really look forward to and get excited for Apiary Summits. Please share with us your favorite part of past Summits! Click the link below to register for our Spring 2018 Summit

Apiary Fund Summit Registration

Happy Trading!

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Aspen Lucas

Written by Aspen Lucas

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