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The Importance of Mentoring in Currrency Trading

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 8, 2019 6:01:00 AM / by Lukas MacMacKen

If you’ve been reading and somewhat keeping up on the articles that Apiary Fund has been releasing, a lot of them have been talking about how while trading is a difficult field, but it is somewhat easy at the same time. The transition from that hard to that easy feeling is really just finding a nice strategy that you can execute with the time you have and the goals you want to reach. These can take time to find and reach yourself when starting out, but can be more quickly discovered by working and talking to someone who has been trading for quite some time and has gone through many strategies.

Whether you're being mentored by a friend who got you into trading in the first place, or a professional instructor, you'll typically be able to find your ideal strategy from beginner to advanced at a more ideal rate. One of the primary benefits to working with an instructor from Apiary Fund over an individual is that Apiary Fund reviews quite regularly with its mentors what Apiary Fund looks for in a trading account for funding. This allows the trader, you, to reach a funded account quicker and to reach higher funding levels in less time as well.

While a more slow and steady pace is definitely a more ideal structure for some, everyone’s intention is commonly to start making money as soon as they can. Depending on your schedule, as soon as you can may be two months or nine months. There's many reasons why your timetable may be different than someone else. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Samuel L. Jackson didn’t receive his first major acting role until the age of 43 and is now one of the most recognizable actors there is; Laura Wilder, notorious author of Little House on the Prairie, didn’t get published until she was 65; IBM wasn’t founded until Charles Flint was 61 years old, creating one of the most recognizable machine companies there currently is. You don’t need to be a Zuckerberg, a 20-year old college dropout, to start your success, but having someone to lead you to that success, at whatever age and time table, can be helpful to get there faster.

Another way working with an experienced trading mentor can get you where you want to be faster is that with the barrage of strategies and everyone claiming that theirs is the best, it's hard to nail down something that will work for you. A primary benefit to Apiary Fund is they review a copious amount of strategies that you can go through and find what works best for you. Of course, with near-limitless possibilities when it comes to trade executions, not one company or person will have them all. A benefit to having a mentor with years of experience in the market is they usually started with a taught strategy and went through modification after modification to make it work for them. These adjustments that were constantly made may have worked for certain scenarios but not for what that person was specifically going for. This means that your mentor can usually bring up points that will work ideally in your situation that didn’t work for theirs to reduce the trial and error you have to go through to become a consistent and profitable trader.

Whether your goal is to become a nonpareil trader right away or to slowly get into the flow and begin from there, working with a mentor who is your friend that’s been trading for a few years or one of the instructors that’ve been trading a decade plus, having someone in addition to your own reading will help when Apiary Fund reviews your account for funding and will help you personally feel better about your goals and attaining them.

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Lukas MacMacKen

Written by Lukas MacMacKen

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