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Most Important World Figure

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 6, 2018 10:35:36 PM / by Apiary Fund

"Today, the Fed is the star-rushing the field with new and exotic games of finance: Quantitative Easing, the Greenspan Put, and entirely possible Negative Interest Rates in the future. All this because the executive and legislative branches seem unwilling to take responsibility for the budget." -Shawn Lucas

What will the feds do upon a crisis as our global debt now reaches almost $21 trillion dollars? It will be interesting to see how our new Federal Reserve Board Chair, Jerome Powell will deal with this rising debt. A lot will rest upon his shoulders. Check out the link below to read up on the article, Powell to lead Fed-Most Important world figure. https://siliconslopes.com/powell-to-lead-fed-most-important-world-figure-457b01a9d883


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