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Making Extra Income and How Trading Can Help

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 7, 2019 6:00:00 AM / by Lukas MacMacKen

One thing most people never complain about is having a side stream of income. While some economists theorize that fiscal utility peaks at a certain point, and everything after that becomes superfluous income, most people would argue they aren’t there yet. That point would allow many people to rewrite the narrative on their life though. So, what's the best way to try to get to that point? Arguably, it's trading FOREX. Trading allows for the flexible schedule, a more open work plan, and that extra stream of income to get you to your optimal amount of income. These are some of the goals you see and can trade along with at Apiary Fund.

Trading, especially the Forex market, is one of the most ideal ways to grow your income streams and add to your bank account level, if not only for the fact that it can be done almost 24/7. The only real time you're unable to trade is from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. This span of time represents the only closure in the FOREX market. Other than that, you can fit trading into any other day of the week. If your job requires you to pull four 12-hour shifts, the markets will be there for you to trade on at least that 5th day along with your non working 12 hours a day, if you’re up to trading after those 12 hours wherever you may work. If you're more of a five eight hour shifts kind of worker, this leaves you the remaining 16 hours a day and at least part of one of your off days to trade. In short, FOREX trading gives you the opportunity to trade with pretty much any work schedule.

Once you have an established strategy and a well funded account, you can make a residual income stream relatively quickly. This is a primary goal that Apiary Fund strives to exemplify. One of the things you will see in those Apiary Fund live trade sessions is Shawn Lucas generating an average days worth of income within one hour of trading. Of course, this result isn’t going to happen right away for most individuals and does take time and experience to get to; but in the meantime, trading can work its way to that and produce a smaller income stream that can really add up over time. As your strategy grows from beginner to advanced and you grow as a trader, you will see the size of that income stream grow.

Trading is not an easy and immediate way to make an income. This point has been mentioned in numerous other articles you may have seen that Apiary Fund has released, such as Common Myths about the FOREX Market and Is FOREX Trading Worth it? being two of the primary articles. This shouldn’t stray you away from trading, however. No job, especially career-level jobs, come with no learning curve to start.

“Victory will never be found by taking the path of least resistance.” - Winston Churchill.

Knowing that starting out, you may be making income that is barely noticeable can be disconcerting. However, knowing that over time, that revenue stream will outperform your main income source should be the motivation you need to start trading and earning that extra side money in goals of having trading be all you need so you will be the master of your domain.

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Lukas MacMacKen

Written by Lukas MacMacKen

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