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How to Trade without Stop Losses

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 6, 2020 6:00:00 AM / by Brigette Dumas

A successful trader uses an array of trading tools to make things more simple in the market. A stop-loss is a Forex order a trader places on a trade, and it remains there until it reaches a specific price, then it will immediately sell or buy for you, depending on how the order is set up. When you set a stop-loss, it becomes very useful for removing any anxiety or worries from your trading decisions. It keeps track of your positions for you, so you don’t have to just stare at the screen. Sounds like a win-win right?

Well, some traders prefer to not use stop-loss trading and are still very successful. So, I would suggest practicing your trading strategy out in your demo account, using both stop-loss orders, and no stop-loss orders to see which you prefer. You should also make sure you know the pros and cons of using a stop-loss order. You don’t have to monitor your trader 24/7 and can trust if the market swings in your favor, you will receive credit for it.

But it’s good to keep in mind that the market is not working in your favor, and you need to continue to practice a lot of trading discipline, stay confident in your trading system and stick to your trading plan. Apiary Fund reviews with traders to, of course, try both ways and see which style of trading feels right. One of the cons traders feels surround stop-loss is the transparency. You're giving control of your order to the system. If you want to trade Forex successfully, you must follow a practical money management strategy. The majority of traders choose to use stop-loss on their trades, on the other hand, they are not always effective. If you decide you want to trade without stop-losses, one very important rule you need to remember is to follow trends.

Stop-loss is a very popular tool throughout the Forex trading community and it's not a guaranteed tool to reach profitability anyways. Apiary Fund reviews stop-losses with traders as part of the education Take advantage of your demo account and figure out what you want your daily trading routine and system to look like. I hope this helps you improve your trading performance!


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Brigette Dumas

Written by Brigette Dumas

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