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Getting over Skepticism about Trading

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 20, 2019 6:00:00 AM / by Lukas MacMacKen

Skepticism is a big part of any new venture one decides to take. It’s also one of the biggest hurdles one faces when deciding whether to become involved with a certain educator, employer, or path one takes. But if skepticisms stopped people 100% of the time, then the world would be a totally different place. All the big companies we see today wouldn’t exist. Our favorite movies or books wouldn’t be there for us to enjoy, all because of the slight doubts the writers face when thinking, “Will this make it?” Trading is no different for many people. That brief doubt you encounter when thinking about trying it or that bad experience your friend’s neighbor faced a few years back. Thankfully, with trading, and some other like ventures, you can try it out before you pay. There are companies like Apiary Fund that allow individuals to watch and/or try before any risk is taken upon by them to see if it will work.

So, how does this work with those type of companies? Specific to Trader on the Street, you can watch trading sessions between the head trader, Shawn Lucas, and who he is working with that specific day. You can watch someone with little to no trading experience learn the markets and see how easy, or at times hard, it can be to make money in the markets. By watching these live sessions, you can see exactly what is required of a trader and what it takes to get into the markets and out with money in your pockets.

Other than this, companies will at times offer free trials for individuals to try it out and see if it works for them. This can also be seen with Apiary Fund. Now, when it comes to these free trials, there are two mindsets people have. The first is very common and it’s a “You get what you pay for” mindset. These people will commonly see a cheaper company and a more expensive one and choose the expensive company because, well, you get what you pay for. You pay more, you get more. This is combated with the, “If you’re so certain about your product, why can’t I try it first?” people. These people are fine with a slightly more expensive model as long as they have the opportunity to test it first and compare it to the cheaper model and see if it is actually worth the money. The biggest benefit to Apiary Fund that Shawn Lucas envisioned? Being so confident in the education that the programs have a free trial period and being able to have a low price point so everyone can try it. This is to help remove skepticism and help people get into the field they desire.

There are many other reasons to be skeptical, especially when getting into FOREX. Since the market isn’t centralized like the stock exchange, there have been companies historically that altered prices and data to profit themselves at the expense of their clientele. This is one of the most common skepticisms in FOREX. You can get around this by making you sure you choose a broker that is registered and has a good reputation. You can learn more about that by looking at the “Choosing a Broker” post here.

Trading can be risky in more ways than one. However, getting over the skepticism of getting into a trade and finding a company to help mitigate the risk of getting started is the biggest hurdle. After that, it’s mostly just a matter of chart analysis.

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Lukas MacMacKen

Written by Lukas MacMacKen

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