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Enhance Your Trading Skills by Watching an Experienced Trader

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 12, 2019 6:00:00 AM / by Brigette Dumas

As a individual going through the journey of becoming a successful trader, you need to embody your own trading “persona” I should say. I say persona because when you take the plunge and decide to be a successful trader you need to change certain character traits of yourself in order to be successful. Some people are visual learners, some people learn by actively doing the task themselves, and some people learn by reading all the information they can about the task.

It has been proven that most people can learn how to do something new by actively as opposed to passively watching someone doing something foreign for them. You can get better by watching someone trade, either on video or in person. I’m still a beginner in my trading journey, and I have to stress that every time I get the chance to learn from someone in my community I jump on it! I have a supportive gang of people from Apiary Fund that reviews their strategies and tips. I love the feeling of having people who genuinely care about your journey and love to share what’s working for them, with you. That is the experience I feel when I joined Apiary Fund.

Trading is often considered one of the most difficult professions to be successful in. You have probably heard that over 90% of traders fail at becoming successful. This is a percentage that doesn't have much depth to it, considering how often it’s thrown around. So you shouldn’t let it completely scare you off from taking that leap into trading foreign currency. However, I will say you can not be successful if you don’t embrace a supportive community when you get it.

Some beginner traders try to go at it alone, and often more times than not, will fail. It’s easy to lose that grit required to become successful and stay focused. Being able to embrace the gift of learning from someone experienced in trading is something we should all take advantage of because ultimately, their there to help you avoid common pitfalls of trading.

When you watch an experienced trader trade, you can envision what their going to do, and learn how to think as a trader. In general, as a beginner trader, having a mentor helps you make less mistakes because you have someone to help you fix those mistakes early on and that can help you elevate your experience and journey early on. Having Apiary Fund review everything with me gives me that edge and grants access to many experienced traders who are willing to teach their trade!


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Brigette Dumas

Written by Brigette Dumas

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