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Does Anyone Actually Make Profits with Forex?

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 14, 2019 6:00:00 AM / by Lukas MacMacKen

One of the top things people say about FOREX is that you can’t make money and profits can only be made by the big banks. This is one of the points that was discussed in the Common Myths of the Currency Market article. Trading can be for everyone and is a great way to make residual income when starting out and to have a primary income once you’ve developed your strategy and can spend the required time to make what you need. Success isn’t all about immediate large returns. Here’s a bit more information on if you can make money in the currency markets as an individual trader.

Since Apiary Fund Reviews so many accounts a month for funding, we see that profits are possible. We see accounts that are traded on every time frame and a multitude of strategies per time frame. There isn’t a set account balance or a net worth that guarantees you’ll make a profit; there isn’t anything that prohibits someone else from profits. While big banks make a lot more than the average person trading, that's because they have more capital to invest. Anyone is able to make a profit when it comes to FOREX trading. Almost all the accounts that Apiary Fund reviews which have gone through the beeline to funding process are profitable accounts that get funded and make money. Some of these profitable FOREX accounts have been created in less than three months while others closer to a year. Regardless, people are doing it.

Another reason you will hear people say that making profits in the FOREX market is impossible comes from the low start costs of FOREX. Since trading currencies is one of the cheapest markets to start in, that means that initial profits aren’t going to be astronomical. Everyone says how the stock market can make money, but portfolios consist of thousands of dollars for the typical investor. With FOREX, you can usually start with $50. So, that $5 you made before breakfast this morning is the equivalent to roughly $500 on an appropriately scaled account. The percent returns are one of the most important things to look at when you’re trading. This can measure success much better than dollar returns when you are getting an overall view of how you’re doing.

To be a successful and profitable trader, you don’t need to be like George Soros who is a household name due to his extremely large short on the GBP, or Stanley Druckenmiller, who traded many years under Soros. While one huge trade is terrific and would set most people on their dream path pretty quickly, the capabilities of having that one huge trade become a reality is very minute for most people. Even the naysayers of FOREX typically do not have the capability to have a huge trade in stock or any other security. Don’t measure your success on the words of others. If you're performing where you want to be and are able to sustain yourself, someone else’s model for success is inconsequential for you.

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Lukas MacMacKen

Written by Lukas MacMacKen

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