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Differences between Trading Currencies and Stocks

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 17, 2019 6:00:00 AM / by Brigette Dumas

Both stocks and the Forex market are vastly different financial industries that come with very different risk levels. However, there are stock traders out there who also invest in the Forex market, and vice versa. Being new to the Forex industry can be quite intimidating. It can be very easy to fall victim to some of the myths for a new investor and it's not uncommon to lose all your invested capital. While the risks remain the same for the stock market and the Forex market, if you look a bit closer you can find that really the two markets are quite different.

One of those differences is how the trading is done, to begin with. Forex market trading is done by OTC (over the counter). And unlike the stock market, there's no centralized exchange for the currency market. The transactions are done privately between buyer and seller. Another difference is the cost of entry. Trading stocks usually requires a much bigger capital then what you would need to trade in the currency market. So, to put it simply, trading in the currency market looks like the genuinely easier market to choose from. With that being said, Forex is not a piece of cake to gain financial freedom, profits can be large and losses can be large as well. This is where having a great company to stand behind you and give you the education, coaching, and experience you need in order to be successful comes in handy. That's where Apiary Fund's reviews, classes, and live streams come in.

Another difference between the stock market and the Forex market is speculation versus investing. Some traders speculate on stocks but speculating in the Forex markets is a lot cheaper for the trader. This is because of how large the liquidity pool in the Forex market is and how readily available it is for traders. Apiary Fund's reviews of the currency market are the best resource I have found for myself, and I can’t imagine what my trading career would look like now if it weren’t for them. The Apiary Fund have without a doubt shaped me to have the mentality, knowledge, experience and trading skills that I have in my trading career, and I am so thankful I found them when I did. Trading in the Forex market can be very challenging and also full of possibilities. It is worth the stress and struggle because you gain so much in return.

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Brigette Dumas

Written by Brigette Dumas

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