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[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 19, 2019 6:00:00 AM / by Brigette Dumas

Being a Forex trader doesn’t mean you’re automatically a “know it all” when it comes to the Forex industry, and to trading concepts. So, to help traders gain the necessary information that helps them trade more effectively in the Forex market, I’m going to suggest some of the top and most recommended sources. These sites are not only for beginner traders but seasoned traders will also find the information extremely helpful.

They also have information and guidance ranging from technical analysis to Forex charts and software. You can also browse through articles and videos, webinars, and educational systems and strategies. These sites are so important because they assist in adding to what you already know about the Forex industry. Some of the sites you can be sure to check daily are:

Forex Factory: is a great site that provides live currency pair movements and allows you to view a live economic calendar that gives you information on any and all upcoming economic events. You can read articles that provide you with trading suggestions and signals through analysis of currency pairs and the world economic market.

Baby Pips: is also a great site, especially for beginner traders because it provides a set of courses for beginner’s to help them understand how to trade and it provides many news articles that update traders on the newest economic event releases. It simplifies trading to help attract more beginner traders by the thorough lessons Baby Pips makes available.

Daily Fx: is a site that presents various features of the Forex market, as trading strategies, analyst picks and live currency rates. There is also an economic calendar, charts, education you can browse through, and includes opinions from top traders.

Typically, the broker company you decide to invest in also provides you with a behemoth of information you need in order to stay up to date on events and make your educated trading plan.

The broker company I have invested in is called The Apiary Fund, have been such a big part of my daily trading system. The Apiary Fund is run by some very top and successful traders who offer daily trading online classes, seminars, community forums, and have a program called Trader on The Street, where they travel to communities all over getting unsuspecting citizens intrigued by trading by showing them how quickly they can make money with the right education and support from the right people. If you’re a beginner trader or a more seasoned trader, stay the course because trading is so rewarding when you make profits. I wish you all the best of luck!


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Brigette Dumas

Written by Brigette Dumas

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