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Of Dinos and Markets, Recognizing Patterns

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 4, 2017 4:29:59 PM / by Nate Allred posted in Trading Habits, Investing Skills

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It is true when they say that most things in life follow patterns. However, sometimes it is hard for us to recognize these patterns. The markets are no exception. To be successful, a trader must train his or her eyes to recognize and predict upcoming patterns. See if you can guess the next shape in the pattern below:

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The Effect of Personality on Investing

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 21, 2016 5:02:00 AM / by Aspen Lucas posted in Trading Psychology, Investing Skills

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A lot of traders have asked, "does my personality affect my investing skills?" The answer is yes! Your personality should affect the basic building blocks of your investing strategy.

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Developing Investing Skills Like Musical Instruments

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 9, 2013 6:00:00 PM / by Shawn Lucas posted in Investing Skills

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Investing skills, like learning to play the piano, are developed over time.  You wouldn’t expect to play a concerto the first day you sit down at the piano, so why do people expect a great performance when they place their first investment?

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